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A year in review: Opok

A year in review: Opok

We are proud to be family run; you might even say it is our business. Opok isn’t something we think about once a day — we live and breathe it around the clock, it’s interwoven into the time that we spend together, the way we think about the world, and the conversations we have with each other.

We even design our clothes with our family in mind — clothes that are comfortable and soft, clothes for chilling out with the people you love, and clothes that are free of the nasty chemicals that riddle most clothing options. 

And because this is such a family matter, it’s deeply important to us that Opok is an honest reflection of our personal values: to be conscious and inclusive, to educate, to spread good vibes, to leave the world a better place than we found it, and to remember that, more than anything else, we are better and stronger together.

We started Opok 6 months ago during one of the most unprecedented, life-changing years in recent history. Your support and feedback has been incredible (check out the most recent review from Dudefluencer) and it's pushing us even harder to be the best organic clothing brand on the market.

We have some exciting new products in development as we speak and we know you’re going to love them. We look forward to continuing to create the highest quality organic clothing that you can feel great wearing. Thanks again for your amazing support and we hope that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy during this unusual time. 

Janson, Drac, and Todd