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Opok Organic Boxer Briefs: What you wear has an impact
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Organic clothing manufacturing


We spent years perfecting our clothing to provide unmatched comfort and fit. All of our products are made from premium organic cotton, which is much softer than most fabrics, including non-organic cotton. Our fabric also doesn’t start smelling minutes into a workout like synthetic materials. Opok is designed to make you look and feel amazing whether you're working out, going out, or doing anything in between.


Workout clothing is mainly made from synthetic and oil derived materials, which are toxic to humans. These chemicals enter our bloodstream through skin contact and inhalation. Studies show that long term exposure to these chemicals can cause health issues, like cancer, depression, and hormone disruption. That’s why our clothing is made from organic materials and dyes to ensure that toxic chemicals are avoided.


The textile industry is one of the most environmentally damaging industries in the world. Chemical use and waste goes unregulated and unfortunately the consumer has no visibility into the environmental impact of their purchase. Washing clothing made from synthetic materials, (i.e. polyester) produces synthetic lint small enough to evade washer machine filters. Studies show that the clothing industry is now one of the main contributors of micro plastics in our oceans. That’s why we donate a portion of our proceeds to saving the coral reefs and bees, two vital ecosystems that the clothing industry has damaged over the years.

MD Testimonials

You need to be careful about what you buy. From the carpets in your house to the clothes that you wear, I think that we are just now learning about the dangers of long term exposure to these chemicals.

– Dr. Casey Barbaro, MD

Opok is doing it right! The mission speaks to the health of the individual, community, and society as a whole. I commend the Opok team for thinking outside of the box and recognizing an opportunity to improve health and wellness through their products.

– Dr. Marc Richard, M.D

The skin is the largest human organ. As a physician and anesthesiologist we rely on the vascularity and absorption rates of the skin to deliver medications, think of transdermal patches that deliver narcotics (fentanyl patches) or anti nausea scopolamine patches…. following that thought chemicals and toxins that may lead to disease may also follow that path of absorption… chemicals in the water we bath in, wash our clothes, etc may leach chemicals into our bodies. The areas of highest vascularity promote the greatest absorption of chemicals. In that vein, if it’s close to the skin and we are perspiring...chances are great that we are absorbing the chemicals immediately next to it.

– Dr. Dan Hancock, MD

There is a link between chemical exposures and several health issues ranging from skin irritation, to developmental issues, to cancer. Historically, most studies of occupational and environmental exposure to chemicals have focused on respiratory illnesses. However, it’s important to remember that in addition to inhalation, chemicals can enter the body through ingestion, injection, or uptake through unbroken skin. A great deal of research is currently being done to study the effects of chemical exposure through skin contact.

– Dr. Mike Richard, M.D.

Featured product

If you're like us, you care about your body, health, and planet. That's why we designed the Opok boxer briefs with extra-soft organic cotton and natural organic dyes, reducing the amount of toxins and chemicals that your body absorbs on contact. Unlike other organic companies, we don't sacrifice style or comfort so you can enjoy the activities that you love while protecting the areas that matter most to you. 

Our native print boxer briefs was inspired by our love of South American art. This pattern will always make us think of a group of people who love, respect, and worship the earth.

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