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Our Story

Our Mission: 

The clothing industry has wreaked havoc on the environment. The global fashion industry emits 1.7 billion tons of CO2 per year — more than the amount produced by international flights and shipping. Most clothing facilities also produce large amounts of toxic run off that end up in our water systems killing our marine life and coral reefs. Studies also show that microplastic pollution caused by washing synthetic textiles is the MAIN source of primary microplastics in the oceans and that these particles pass through wastewater treatment plants with ease and ultimately pose a significant threat for marine organisms and humans. 

On top of manufacturing, cultivating the materials are also destroying our planet. Most manufactures use non-organic materials which require the use of synthetic pesticides for pest control. These toxic chemicals end up poisoning our famers, killing our pollinators and birds, and end up in our water systems, food supplies, and bodies. 

Opok is giving back a portion of our proceeds to saving the bees and coral reefs, two vital ecosystems that our industry has virtually destroyed. Our manufacturing facilities only use organic farming, clean energy (wind and solar), and we don't create any toxic runoff. We believe the only way to make a different and help improve the horrific damages that the clothing industry has crated is to develop a brand that educates the public, follows all the right guidelines for creating sustainable and clean clothing, and provides fashionable, stylish, and extremely comfortable organic clothing for the consumers. 

If you are passionate about this program, please feel free to contact us and learn about ways to get involved. 

About Our Founders:

We grew up in South Florida, spending our summers surfing, fishing, spear fishing, wakeboarding, and developing a love for the ocean. We both attended Stanford University and went on to play water polo professionally, representing team USA. While studying nutrition, we discovered that eating organic food was healthier for us, and also made us feel faster and stronger in the water. Curious, we began researching how toxins enter the body and found that food wasn’t the only thing we should be thinking about. Surprisingly, most commercially available clothing contains high levels of carcinogens and toxins including pesticides, formaldehydes, and hazardous dyes, which end up in our bodies through skin contact and inhalation. We also noticed that workout clothing is mainly made from synthetic materials, like polyester and a trend is to use recycled plastic bottles to make a soft fiber. This trend sounds great, but these plastics contain BPA, Phthalates, and other harmful chemicals that shouldn't be worn. Ultimately, we became frustrated of only seeing synthetic clothing for workout apparel. 

After years of research and dozens of prototypes, we created Opok [Organic + Epoch]. A new era of fashionable, non-toxic activewear has arrived.