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The White House EPA announces efforts to reduce PFAS

The White House EPA announces efforts to reduce PFAS

The White House EPA announced on Oct 18th 2021 that they have undertaken efforts to reduce PFAS in the nation’s air, water, land, and food. 

Detailed in a EPA roadmap, this three-year strategy describes specific regulations with deadlines for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, that the Environmental Protection Agency will issue and research it will do to understand where additional controls may be needed. Opok has stressed about how horrible “Forever Chemicals'' or PFAS are before. The group of chemicals is often dubbed “forever chemicals” because they linger for decades in people’s bodies and seemingly forever in the environment. The PFAS of concern also have been linked to health problems such as cancer, thyroid disease, and weakened immune systems. They show up in your Food, Clothes, and Home. These toxic chemicals are so common in consumer products and manufacturing that they're practically everywhere. Textiles are saturated with the chemicals to make them stain- and moisture-resistant, and companies are not at liberty to disclose that these chemicals are present in their products. We are extremely relieved that the EPA is taking action against these chemicals, however you need to still be careful on ways that you can still be exposed. 

These actions are steps in the right direction, however, there has been little to no mention about clothing. Clothing is something that everyone wears constantly and having these types of chemicals continuously touching our bodies is scary and dangerous. The safest way to avoid PFAS is to use high quality water filters, avoid plastics and non-stick cookware and try to wear organic clothes. Opok’s Organic Performance Boxer Briefs are a great start as they are made from organic cotton and safe from PFAS; protecting the parts of your body that matter most. Opok also has butter soft and lightweight Organic Performance Tees that is also free of toxic chemicals like pesticides and PFAS.  We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

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