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The Only Shirt You’ll Need (Or Want) This Summer

The Only Shirt You’ll Need (Or Want) This Summer

We are so excited to launch our second product, the men’s performance shirts. You’ll love the incredible details like our no-seam shoulder feature that allows for the best movement possible, or our custom slim fit that hugs the body in all the right ways. The material is made from the highest quality organic cotton in the world and we incorporated an insanely high thread count so it feels extremely soft and has a natural 4-way stretch. It’s also naturally UPF protective, breathable, and extremely durable- we’ve thrown a lot at them and they haven’t budged. 

The What: 

We were frustrated when we saw the workout clothing industry move exclusively to synthetic materials, most often polyester, which is derived from oil and toxic to humans and the environment. When you work out in polyester, you're essentially wearing plastic, which compromises your health at the very moment when you're trying to boost it. To make matters worse, polyester and dry-fit clothing tends to start smelling minutes into a workout since it doesn't breathe like natural fibers do. This is because your sweat stays on the surface of the clothing and causes bacteria to form. On the environmental side, producing materials derived from oil is obviously not sustainable. During each wash, chemicals leach out of the materials and enter our waterways and the lint that falls off, which is microplastics most often evade our washer filters. The clothing industry is now one of the main contributors of microplastics in our oceans. 

The How: 

We manufacture and source our materials as sustainably as possible. We use wind and solar energy during harvesting and manufacturing and don’t use any pesticides that cause toxic run off. We don’t use any chemicals during production, including post production which is commonplace for clothing companies to add chemicals that create features like wrinkle free and water ‘wicking’. And we don’t use any plastic in our packaging, our box is made from recycled cardboard, natural dyes, and we use paper tape as our adhesive.

The Why: 

The clothing industry has basically gone unregulated and has caused detrimental harm to the environment. They also aren’t held accountable for what types of chemicals they use in their clothing. Studies are finding abundant amounts of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals in clothing and ultimately there isn’t a way for a consumer to understand how toxic a specific item of clothing can be. That’s why we are fully transparent on what materials we use, how they are made, and the importance and reasoning behind our choices. We believe that humans aren’t supposed to be wearing and interacting with oil derived substances, like polyester or especially RPET (Recycled plastic bottles) as they are extremely toxic to humans and the earth.