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Interview With Wolf Wigo, Health Guru and 3-Time Olympic Water Polo Player

Interview With Wolf Wigo, Health Guru and 3-Time Olympic Water Polo Player

We had the opportunity to sit down with water polo legend Wolf Wigo, who happens to be our brother. Wolf won 3 NCAA championships at Stanford University and went on to play professionally in Greece and represent team USA for 3 Olympics (captain in 2004). Anyone who knows him can tell you he's incredibly health conscious and passionate about living a toxic free lifestyle. And it shows— nobody would guess that this guy is 47 years old! 

We were able to score an interview with Wolf despite his busy schedule of coaching, running a global business (KAP7 International), surfing, being a husband, and raising 3 kids. 

You are a 3x USA water polo Olympian and team captain. Health has played a huge role in your life. How much did organic foods and products contribute to the success of your athletic career?

Wolf: It's hard to put a metric on this. I will say that I continued to eat healthier throughout my athletic career and beyond, and have seen great results. It's hard to stick to eating healthy food unless you have read about the science behind it. Once you realize how bad some foods and chemicals are for you, it's much easier to eliminate them from your lifestyle. Let's take fast food as an example. My guess is you'll be much less interested in eating it once you learn about the "bread" they use, how they source their meats, and where their vegetables come from. I went from cutting back on fast food, to only eating it on road trips, to never eating it. I doubt I would have had the motivation to do this if I didn't understand the link between fast food and my health. As I've done more research, I've found that it's not just about the food you eat. There are chemicals in furniture, clothing, and other products that are linked to cancers and other health issues. And the older you get, the more serious these impacts can be. 

Over the years, you really inspired us to care more about our health. What advice would you give to someone who is trying to live a toxin free lifestyle?

Wolf: Health should be one of your hobbies. Read the health section on your news feed. Read more books about health, and focus on areas that interest you. It's empowering to learn new things and apply them to your life. The more you know, the easier it is to make better decisions.  

You have lived in Santa Barbara for over a decade. How important is it for your kids and future generations that we preserve our wildlife through sustainable practices?

Wolf: There are unfortunately many bad examples of poor decisions that have been made in the past. Fortunately, more than ever, people are beginning to see the importance of this and taking a longer term approach. The beach near my house is now a MPA (Marine Protected Area). I go diving there all the time and I have seen the health of the ocean improve dramatically. There is so much more reef and life in the ocean compared to just 10 years ago. Also, it’s important to eliminate single use plastic when possible and to understand how pesticide runoff can hurt local ecosystems and reefs.

-Janson Wigo and Drac Wigo, Opok Co-Founders

You can follow Wolf on Instagram and visit his website here.